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A natural choice..

Our main goal is to make your "IT Experience" as natural as possible, seriously...we focus on helping people to be creative, productive and empowered to have IT serve their needs, rather than 'being served' by IT.

Randal Berger Consulting has been in business since 1992 and has provided IT services to individuals, small- and medium-sized businesses. We serve a diverse set of clients ranging from environmental, legal, medical, arts, educational, entertainment, real estate/ loan, governmental, to non-profits.

You can be assured that we will explain your needs in a clear fashion and speak to you as an individual not as an IT tech. We understand that being specifically informed (not overloaded) is going to help you make the correct decisions.


Small to Medium Business Networks

Randal Berger Consulting provides IT support, helping balance the rapid growth and technological advances necessary in today's business climate. We provide service ranging from a fully outsource IT department to as needed additional help on project by project basis.

Home Office Solutions

We offer customized personable service in your home office environment. We help you become more efficient with your time by designing your home office network, internet access, installing equipment and maintaining both hardware and software. We even offer support in managing your single home computer.

Remote and Telecommuting Solutions

Today most people find that they need to connect to work and play from many locations. We will enable you to be as flexible as you need when connecting either to your home or remote office locations.



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